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(Earned) Smoother Edges

I want to pass along one of my (literal) touchstones with a paragraph about it from my 60th birthday celebration speech.

“And the 3rd small round smooth rock I found in a waterfall at Beaverlac, one of our favorite camping and hiking spots. I wonder how many decades or centuries it was trapped in a crack in a waterfall, being smoothed and prepared for me to find it. What a magical stone. At 60 this is how I feel – just right. Many of my rough edges worn away. A perfect size and weight for my hands to hold. Feeling more mellow than earlier ages and times. Wanting to hold onto something solid. Thankful for all the experiences that have led to smoother edges. So thankful that I have been released from the pressure cooker to share and celebrate life. Gratefully aware of my freedom. Thankful for the flowing life and cauldron that smoothed my edges. Grateful that you are all part of my life.”

Artist’s Way activity: For you to consider, right now – it will take you 2 minutes so why not? Make a quick list of things you love, happiness touchstones for you. River rocks worn smooth, willow trees, cornflowers, chicory, real Italian bread, homemade vegetable soup, your favorite music, flavours from the braai, the smell of new-mown grass, blue velvet, your aunt’s apple pie ….

Post this list where it can console you and remind you of your own personal touchstones. You may want to draw one of the items on your list – or acquire it. If you love blue velvet, get a remnant and use it as a runner on a sideboard or dresser, or tack it to the wall and mount images on it. Play a little. (Thanks Julia C.)

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