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              Artist's Way for Coaches

2 Aug - 8 Nov 2024

Artist's Way at Work

31 Jul - 6 Nov 2024

Discover and rekindle creative fires and deeper awareness of new possibilities in your personal and professional life.

Feeling bored, stuck, burned out, uninspired, uncertain …. Join our fun journey of discovery and unlocking innate creativity by experiencing tools from the multi-million copy best selling ‘The Artist’s Way’ and ‘The Artist’s Way at Work.’  Reconnect deeply with yourself and others, make changes ‘stick,’ be more effective at work and clarify what you really want to be doing with ‘your one wild and precious life’ (Mary Oliver).    

Be part of our Artist’s Way community for twelve weekly sessions (or a 3 day intensive) as we dig deeply into the Artist’s Way at Work. Download the latest course information by clicking on the image below:


Course summary
The course is a journey of discovery that uses elements from four of the books Julia Cameron and Mark Bryan collaborated on – The Artist’s Way, The Vein of Gold, The Artist’s Way at Work and Money Drunk/Money Sober: 90 Days to Financial Freedom – and using the methods Mark and Julia use when they run their courses.  Each week we do a range of the exercises from The Artist’s Way at Work with a few here and there from each of the other books.  For those who fully engage in the course it is a deeply spiritual, reflective and transformative journey. The practices (Morning Pages, Creative Time Outs, Walks) and exercises are intended to help people reflect deeply on a range of life issues – with the major theme being re-discovering your authentic, creative self and figuring out some simple ways to try to express your creativity more regularly.  The “at Work’ part of the book and course helps people focus on what kind of work you want to be doing and what is preventing you from moving in that authentic direction.  So career issues feature prominently for many people and for others it is more about the type of ‘work’ they want to do in their lives more broadly.  Near the end of the course people reflect on and discuss where they see themselves in 3-5 years if they follow the paths they are discovering during the course.

Artist’s Way for Coaches will spend more time reflecting on and discussing coaching practices and introducing some coaching resources. 

From The Artist’s Way at Work Introduction
“The book is called The Artist’s Way at Work: Riding the Dragon because the creative spirit, like the dragon, is a thrilling, joyous, chaotic, and powerful force that deserves and demands respect. The act of creation, whether it’s a new idea, a new business, or an old business revitalized, can feel like both a high-altitude ride and a free fall. Learning to engage and channel this creative force is the key
to remaining vital and enthusiastic in our professional and our personal lives.

In the ancient Chinese tradition of Taoism, the Tao (the Way) is the most elemental force in the universe, considered beyond description or explanation. It is the life-force itself, our animating breath, found in the always changing yet eternal and immutable laws of nature. It is in the spirit of this great mystery that we have chosen Chen Rong’s famous thirteenth-century painting of the Nine Dragons as the organizing metaphor of this work. The dragon’s nine transformations in the painting have for centuries been interpreted as a symbolic representation of the enlightenment of Taoism’s founder, Lao-Tzu. They serve as an emblem of the emotional, mental, and spiritual journey that is The Artist’s Way at Work.


“It is the aim of this book to give you a more satisfying, fully creative life in which you feel a sense of wholeness, not fragmentation; a sense of camaraderie not competition. This book will make you more creative not only in your business life, but in your life as a whole. One result of this creative emergence will be a heightened sense of authenticity.”

Course core concepts
1. We are all creative.
2. Increased creativity is a teachable, trackable process.
3. All of us can become more creative than we already are, and this will make us happier, healthier, and more productive, and more authentic in everything we do.
4. The business environment will increasingly reward those people who are able to be creative. Millions of people have experienced The Artist’s Way and The Artist’s Way at Work as powerful tools to unlock creativity, reconnect deeply with self and others, make changes ‘stick,’ be more effective at work and clarify what you really want to be doing with your life.

Transformations – titles for the 12 weeks:


Course details

Artist’s Way for Coaches course fees are R4,500 and includes a copy of the AWAW book. If you purchase a Kindle version of the book the course fee is R4,100. Course fee for USA participants is USD$360 and you need to source your own book (via Amazon or Kindle).  


Artist’s Way at Work course fees are R2,500 and include a copy of the AWAW book. If you purchase a Kindle version of the book the course fee is R2,100. 

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“I'd completed the Artist's Way courses a number of times on my own and found them to be extremely rewarding both in my development as an artist and personally. The added benefit of doing the AWAW course with a course leader in a group setting is the experience is richer, more supportive and engaging.” -- Mary Visser

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